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Cloud Assess

Online student learning, complete your assessments with ease.

Learning that incorporates Videos and Education which is current, new and exciting…..

Leading the way in Education.!

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Axcelerate Learner Portal

The Learner portal allows you to view everything Education that relates to your course.

Including the course you are enrolled in and any upcoming workshops and bootcamps.

All Education information and Calendars, Student Handbook & Training information is available in your portal.

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2024 Education Calendar

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Lorna Evan Student program

Student membership with the AHC

Join the Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) national cult of Youthworx cool kids who connect, inspire, network and become industry informed.

Gain recognition by engaging in AHC opportunities for your chance to travel, learn and be mentored by industry icons.

Remember Youthworx is only for hairdressers 29 years of age or under!

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dLearning is an online program that provides you with all that there is to know about De Lorenzo products at your convenience.

All product information is updated annually and available on all iPad, iPhone, Android and desktop devices.

You can then browse through courses, click on the presentation relevant to your salon and learn at your own pace. Once each course is complete you will be able to print a certificate which will state that you are now certified to use and recommend those products.

Online Zoom Sessions

Being a part of the De Lorenzo family means you have passion, not only for hairdressing but for the environment and all the life that exists in it. We acknowledge the differences in every society and family, and aim to provide the skills and information to help you take the next step toward success.

Gain a sense of power and a feeling of liberation doing what you love, every day. De Lorenzo Education provides a full scope of opportunities for you to learn and sharpen your skills in a friendly atmosphere. In our family, we don’t compete with each other, we help each other to achieve and progress, we share our knowledge with all who wish to accept it. In order to achieve we must feel confident and assured with the tools we use and the best way to gain this is to take part in education, talk with other hairdressers and see things from another perspective. We can all learn from each other and work as a family to ensure that we are all successful in our own corner of the world.

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